Cryptocurrency Acronyms and Slang

When I started in cryptocurrency a few months ago I joined a few online communities and noticed that they were all talking in strange acronyms I have never heard of before.  I’m sure most of you out there have been told to HODL your coins or that a coin is mooning but what does that really mean.  I hope this brief rundown of the most common words in crypto will help you out!

Cryptocurrency Acronyms

Acronym                        Meaning

FUD                                Fear, uncertainty and doubt, basically its propaganda to lower prices of a coin

FOMO                            Fear of missing out

ATH                                All time high, the highest price a coin has ever been

ICO                                 Initial Coin Offering, similar to a IPO (initial price offering for a stock)

ROI                                Return on investment ie. (Gains – Initial investment )/ initial investment

HODL                             Either Hold on for dear life or a misspelling of the word HOLD

POS                                Proof of Stake (these are all improvements to a particular crypto’s algorithm)

POW                               Proof of work

DPOS                              Delegated Proof of Stake

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Cryptocurrency Slang

Word                               Meaning

Mooning                         Price of a crypto is going up extremely high

Fiat                                  Government issued currency ie USD, GBP, CAD

Whale                             Someone who owns a lot of crypto

Bullish or Bull Market     An expectation that the price is going to increase

Bearish or Bear Market   An expectation that the price is going to decrease

Market Cap                     Circulating supply X Currency crypto price

Cold Storage                  Moving cryptocurrency offline onto paper or hardware wallets

Fork                                When Bitcoin is forked into two separate coins – the original and a new one

Blockchain                      A digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency                                         are recorded chronologically and publicly.

Shill                                A shill is a person who underhandedly promotes a project for their own self-                                               interest while disguising it as sincerity. Shills will generally focus on the positives                                         of a coin while omitting anything significantly negative about it. It comes from                                           the days of traveling salesmen and con-artists, where the shill was a person who                                         was in on the con, but pretended to be an ordinary customer, in the hopes to                                             trick other people into buying the product.

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