Cryptokitties the new blockchain based game is a new online game based on the blockchain technology of Etherium.

Think of it like blockchain beanie babies, except cats that can breed and produce other cats which you can then sell for more Etherium.  Crypto kitties are not a crypto currency they are a crypto collectible.  One crypto kitty had already sold for 249 Etherium or approximately 115k USD.

How to play the game is you install the metamask addon for chrome browser.  That will give you a wallet address.  You then transfer some ETH to your new metamask wallet address.  Once that has shown up you can buy kitties on the marketplace.

Kitties have different attributes some rare some common, and the attributes are listed below the kitty once you click on it.  The more rare the cattributes the more valuable the cat.

Once you have two crypto kitties you can breed them and then if you want to you can sell the offspring or you can breed that one.  In order to determine what cattributes are best before you buy a kitty I suggest downloading the Tampermonkey addon for chrome and then grabbing the code from this github and pasting it into a new script.  You will need to enable the script and refresh the browser window for the kitty market place.  This will then show you the cattributes of the kitty when you hover over the picture of the kitty as shown in the screenshot below.  This saves you time in figuring out which kitty is the best bang for buck or ETH!


Once you have your kitty you might want to produce some offspring as soon as possible.  So go to the marketplace and either buy another kitty and then you can pick which one you want to be the mother and which one should be the father or you can click on “siring” from the marketplace and breed with an already existing kitty from another owner.

The advantage of having your own 2nd kitty is that you don’t have to pay as much of a fee to breed.  In this scenario above you have to pay the other kitty owner a fee in order to have that new baby.  For some reason they call it an egg that you get but cats don’t lay eggs.  Anyway after this transaction is successful then you will have two cats and you can either sell one or lay more eggs (make more cats).  And then you can choose what you want to do with those.

Sounds simple and fun right!

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